One notable example of Lisboa's cooperation with other cities is its active engagement with Eurocities. As part of this network, Lisboa collaborates with more than 200 cities across 38 countries, representing 130 million people. Eurocities serves as a platform for cities to work together to ensure a good quality of life for all. This collaboration is essential for addressing urgent crises, coordinating local efforts, and sharing information. Additionally, Eurocities enables long-term collaboration on critical issues such as climate change, social equality, and economic vitality, allowing cities to inspire and learn from one another.

This was instrumental for the early-stage Lisboa sharing and learning Startup Ecosystem path that led us to the present mature state. Today in the Lisboa Scaling Up present context, this active cooperation and relation with EUROCITIES is super relevant. It’s a continuous reinforcement and empowerment awareness for a European collective, meaningful and practical knowledge. That helps the city to steer and boost this new path.
Good example of this is the result of Lisboa actively engaged participation on the 2023 EUROCITIES Economic and Development Forum (EDF) in Helsinki. As a direct result, Lisboa is now preparing and will be hosting a “policy dialogue on entrepreneurship, experimentation and sustainability in cities” next 23-25 October. This initiative is open to EDF cities (more than 100 cities) and will promote the Innovation & Entrepreneurship policy dialogue, promoting active sharing and mutual learning supported on Lisboa showcasing work on topics like: Entrepreneurship and Scale-up support, Experimentation, and its formats in cities (trial zones, MVP testing with residents and municipality, fab/ bio/sea labs, Innovation hubs and Sustainable (blue and green) economy. We are particularly interested in also showcasing the SME support and real-life testing. Will also focus on the more recent scale[1]ups process boost and, in the process, to encourage business innovation to engage with the city's green and blue infrastructure.

In addition, Lisboa also expands intense city bilateral cooperation and synergic work in several areas and with different scopes, such as: talent, co governance, digital nomadism, inclusive entrepreneurship, Fintech, Blue Economy, Urban Intelligence, Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities. This strong bonds with different partner cities are a key drive and push forward lots of thematic innovative solutions and practices that take place in Lisboa. This partnerships are also impacting policymaking, programs redesign and upskilling, participatory innovation and co governance with several cities: Amsterdam, Aalborg, Barcelona, Bari, Buenos Aires, Sofia, Lille, London, Lublin, Milan, Ostrava, Paris, São Paulo, Tel-Aviv, Toronto, The Hague. This is a process of mutual learning and sharing that has proven a very relevant peer-review process based on the cooperation true principle and motivation. All of this networks connectivity allows Lisboa to reach and disseminate all of its learnings and knowledge thru more than 300 cities worldwide.

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