The urban festival of art and music, Iminente, is curated by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils and the Underdogs platform. Created in 2016, the event brings together the multicultural creative talent that flourishes in Lisbon and spreads around the world, bringing the Lusophone matrix into dialogue with other artistic expressions. With a global vocation, Iminente has already taken place in London, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro.

Artists of different nationalities from visual arts, performing arts, and music, both established and emerging talents, come together in this festival around the concepts of identity and diversity. The idea is to bring together all these forms of expression, promoting conversation and the exchange of ideas, gathering all these urban culture quadrants and creating an experience of what is imminent in Lisbon now. Many of these interventions raise questions of identity or have roots in the Lusophone world, an important component in the festival's affirmation since its inception.