The Lisboa Empreende programme was launched by Lisbon City Council in February 2013 to support entrepreneurship and encourage the creation of new businesses.

Given the current situation (post-pandemic and high inflation rates caused by the war in Ukraine), and in response to the need to support companies in the recovery of the economy, the programme was renamed Lisboa Empreende + (LE+) with a wider range of services, providing information on extraordinary measures to support the economy and companies, as well as advice to mitigate the effects of the crisis and promote the recovery of the business fabric.

The LE+ Programme focuses on providing support to companies based in the Lisbon municipality through: LE+ OFFICE - Information on initiatives to support SMEs; EXPERT SUPPORT LE- Specialised support for companies affected by the crisis.

Offering free specialised support services in the areas of Management, Communication, Marketing, eCommerce, Digital Transformation, among other areas. NEW BUSINESS LE+ - Support for the creation of new businesses. Support to entrepreneurship in the implementation of new business ideas, new products or services.

All micro, small and medium-sized companies with head office or establishment in the municipality of Lisbon, regardless of their legal nature, can benefit from the support related to the LE+ programme. Any SME, regardless of its sector of activity, is eligible to benefit from support under the programme. This initiative is aimed at companies located in Lisbon, whether they have their head office, branch or establishment. The Lisbon City Council and the other institutions that joined the project provide the support covered by the programme free of charge.

Programa Lisboa Empreende +