The Lisboa Citizens' Council (CCL) project is a platform for citizen participation powered by the Lisboa City Council. The CCL was launched in January 2022 and is the first locally organized assembly of citizens by a local government in Portugal. The CCL has already held two editions. The firts one took place in may 2022, and the second one in april 2023.
The CCL supports the implementation of a strategy for public participation of citizens in the design of policies and measures. This project also helps to remove obstacles and barriers to civic participation by testing and encouraging the adoption of innovative techniques and tools that facilitate the involvement of all audiences. The main goals of the Lisboa Citizens’ Council are to promote a new space for debate and co-construction of proposals for the city, to bring citizens closer to decision-making, and to improve the effectiveness of the decisions made by the municipal authority, integrating the input of citizens and adapting policies to their needs.
The “Cooling the City Program" is one of the several implemented proposals from the CCL’s first edityion in 2022. It aims to transform urban squares into green and cooler squares by increasing the number of trees in the streets in order to mitigate the urban heat island effect.
The "Superblocks" was the1st pilot project in Praça da Alegria (one Sunday per month), closing traffic on weekends for the community to enjoy cultural activities, sports, and commerce.

The Lisbon Citizen’s Council