Envisioned by the Lisboa City Council with the aim of expanding Lisboa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, from startups to scaleups, and eventually unicorns, we work as an engine for economic growth and a driving force for innovation, attracting talent, new projects and investment.

Unicorn Factory Lisboa is a platform of programs and hubs, inspired by international best practices, which supports startups and scaleups in creating sound products and business models, developing efficient processes, and achieving sustained accelerated growth from Lisbon.

We cover 4 main areas: “early stage” incubation for startups, “growth stage” programs for scaleups, “soft landing” support for both international startups and scaleups planning to expand through Lisboa and “innovation hubs” such as Hub Criativo do Beato.

Unicorn Factory Lisboa acts along the entire value chain to have a strong economic impact on the City of Lisboa

We are facilitators. We are daily committed to connecting the founders with people and entities that matter to their business, facilitating access to investment, mentors, strategic partners and potential customers.

Our support structure includes mentoring, linking to strategic partnerships, access to investment/funding, a valuable and extensive list of perks and benefits - including learning activities and office hours with experts -, and a community based on knowledge and sharing. Our community is our greatest asset.

We encourage the founders to look for what is best around the world to boost their growth. Some members have teams abroad developing new markets, some participated in recognized accelerators like 500 Startups, TechStars and YCombinator, and we're proud of it.

Vertical Hubs
The Vertical Hubs aim to create critical mass in high-growth areas, where Lisbon already has relevant companies and startups, and thus have a leading position in relation to other countries. The verticals under study with the greatest potential include Web3, food & food tech, sports tech, artificial intelligence, gaming and clean tech, among others.

These hubs will be spaces that will have various functionalities to meet the needs of this community: coworking areas, space for events and private offices for the initiative's partners and where ideation and acceleration programmes will be developed with a view to attracting and boosting startups, investors and mentors within this vertical.

Work is underway with potential private partners to develop the first hubs in a model of collaboration and co-investment between the partners and Lisbon City Council.

Unicorn Factory Lisboa