The Web Summit, now in its seventh edition, attracted over 70,000 participants, 2,630 startups and companies, 1,120 investors, and 1,040 speakers in November 22. The event has evolved beyond being a platform for well-known companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook. Instead, it has become an avenue for discovering previously unheard-of enterprises, playing a vital role in shaping the future. As Paddy Cosgrave stated, "No one asks 'Why Lisboa' anymore." This statement underscores the growth of both the Web Summit and the city itself since its inaugural edition in 2016. It has now grown beyond European borders into Rio de Janeiro and will soon expand to Qatar. Additionally, with its twin event in Canada, the Collision Conference, all conferences are part of the Web Summit ecosystem. This expansion provides greater opportunities for startups and other players from Lisboa.

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